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I saw a very handsome young man working as a bus conductor in the city of Lagos the other day (that’s a no-collar job, in case you’re wondering). And in a minute it hit me how easily that exact same face could fit into the corridors of fame and opulence.

I looked round and began to see how easily all the faces I came across could easily be the faces of millionaires; the faces I saw peeping out of the ragged square windows of commercial buses, the faces of those who came up beside vehicles pleading desperately for alms, faces of those who hawked ground-nuts, sweets, water in sachets, the faces of those who slept in dumps, having no home,… the faces of women who sat by the road side, using their twin daughters as an object for seeking alms, how easily they could fit into a Luxurious Benz with those same children looking lovely in the back seat.

So I decided to do a reverse visual execution of my thoughts and depict how easily the faces of those in great wealth can fit into poverty, pain, struggle.



And my conclusion is that Success has no face. Neither does failure.

Look into the mirror! That face you see can fit into any strata of life; rich, powerful, poor, weak,struggling. Anywhere!
So where would you like to be?